YAPI – Youtube API for Windows Phone

– This is API apply to Windows Phone to get item and play youtube video with integrated Cool Player.
– You must add 3 icons to your WP project: pause.pngplay.png and share.png (included in my example project)

What YAPI can?

– Get all videos of channel (25 videos per page)
– Get all playlists of channel (25 playlists per page)
– Get all videos of playlist (25 videos per page)

– Play any video of youtube with a cool player
– Share link with the opened video
– …

How to build

– Use Microsoft Bcl Async (asynchronous on WP7 extension)
– Use Newtonsoft.Json (Json extension for easy using json data)
– XML.Linq
– …


Just-For-Laughs-Gags-1.png Just-For-Laughs-Gags-3.png


HomePage: https://yapi.codeplex.com/


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